Album Details

So, you’re thinking about getting an album? Amazing news, photo’s are there to be printed! There’s nothing quite like holding images and sharing them with family and friends. We’ve all had a broken hard drive, laptop or phone which has ended up in loosing photo’s – where as an album will be passed on your children and your children’s children.

Each and every album is personally designed by me, with photo’s chosen by you. I recommend anything between 30-60 images per album, although more pages can be added if needs be.

There are many options when it comes to albums, the main being the size. Albums are available in 3 main sizes and start at £300. Each album comes with 15 spreads which equals 30 sides (was extras can be added at £10 per spread) along with a linen presentation box, canvas pouch, cotton gloves and care instructions.

8 x 8 inch = £300

10 x 10 inch = £400

12 x 12 inch = £500

The next choice you will need to make will be the type of paper and edging. As standard the albums come with Fine Art Matte paper. A clean, white, smooth matte paper with ultra image sharpness and a really smooth surface. The extra weight gives this paper a soft, sumptuous feel and appearance as well as deep and crisp colours. Pages have a semi stiff feel to them.

Cotton rag is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high quality fine art prints. The fine, slightly textured surface and feel of this paper is ideal for printing both black and white and colour photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth.

– 100% Archival acid free natural white cotton paper
– 310gsm per spread makes the book beautifully thick
– Great deep blacks and vivid colours (cotton rag).
– Fully archival museum grade print

The final option for paper  is Cotton Rag with Deckled Edges. This version of cotton rag paper comes with hand deckled edges to give unique and vintage look.

Pricing for paper upgrades on all size albums are as follows

Cotton rag = £125

Cotton rag with Deckled Edge = £175

So now you’ve chosen your album size and paper but what about the cover?! Recently I have added a vast range of colours and materials you can chose from to ensure there’s something for everyone. The full range can be seen here.

Linen / Premium Linen = Included

Silk/Leatherlike = £20

Genuine Leather = £60

So now we know how its going to look, it’s time to decide what images you’d like included. How do you got about this? Easy! Log in to your online gallery and you’ll see a little heart symbol in the top right hand corner of each image. Simply click this and it will add them to a list which I’ll be able to log in and see. I suggest around 30-60 images for 15 spreads – this gives plenty of room for design.

Once I’ve chosen your images and options drop me an email and I will start designing it as soon as the invoice has been settled.

When I’m personally designing your album I take a lot into consideration to ensure it looks the best possible, this includes letting the images breathe – I don’t try and get as many images on one page as possible as it takes away the focus and context of the images. I use a specialist software and my artistic knowledge and take the up most care and work with negative space to ensure the main focus is on the images and that the album flows nicely. Once designed I shall send you a proof of the album – any changes that you request can be done at this point. I allow 2 amendments free of charge, after this amendments are charged at £25/per hour (1 hour minimum). To be honest most people are more than happy with the first draft as the images have been chosen by yourself. Any changes must be made at this point as once it is sent to print I can not change anything.


Once the album has been submitted it takes on average 6 weeks to be made by hand – I have it sent to me to ensure it meets my high standards and then I will organise to get it to you.


A lot of people choose to gift albums to family – if this is something you may be interested in, please let me know – I can offer 30% discount on all duplicate albums and also offer Duo Books which are a set of  two or 4  6 x 6 inch albums with the same cover as your original but printed on Fuji Lustre photo paper and do not include a box. These make perfect gifts for parents and cost £250 for 2 and £350 for 4.

I know there is a lot of information to take in and there are a lot of options for albums so if you’d like to meet up and chat about things then that is not a problem (although mostly off peak wedding season is the best for this). I have a sample of each kind and size of album so will bring them along for you to look at, as well as a swatch of all materials available.