How to get the most out of out of your wedding preparation photos.

Wedding Photography Guide

The morning of you wedding can get pretty stressful, I’ve put together this little guide to help you have the most stress free morning as possible with just a few small pointers.

This is 100% not supposed to be a list of things that you NEED to do, its simply just a few little tips – you do you, no matter what anyone says.

If you’ve ever been in a wedding party, you’ll realise that a lot of the story of the day and key images come from the wedding morning, a couple of simple steps can make this as easy as possible.

1. Location

Pick the perfect location – Think about what you would like from your images and the location you are going to be getting ready. The most memories come from getting ready at home or a parents house, looking back on years to come with the feelings of nostalgia of how the room was decorated and pictures on the wall.

If you’re thinking about getting ready in a hotel, have you had a look at the room? Think about space more than anything, the morning can have a lot of things happening. Are you going to be able to do this comfortably

2. Timings

You will have heard, wedding days will be one of the fastest days of your life, it’s true. I know first hand, our wedding day was over in a flash. Planning is key, everybody says that ‘it’s your day, you can be late’, as lovely as that would be, unfortunately it isn’t true. Running late just adds un-needed stress.

Work with your make up artist and hair stylist, think about how many people are going to need a seat and what works best. I find working out when you need to leave and then working your timings from there.

Always try and be ready in your dress at least half an hour, ideally 45 minutes before you want to set off. This gives enough time collect yourself, enjoy and take in the moment, it also leaves a little time for portraits and any shots we would need to get before hand.

3. Mobiles

Try and be present in the moment with your wedding party. Put your phones away and enjoy the time surrounded with your friends and family. It’s a moment you won’t be able to get to replay and I’m there to document it so sit back and relax. In years to come you won’t want photos of people sat texting. Enjoy the special moments.

4. TV

Try and not have the TV on in the background. It causes a distraction not only on the morning but also in the images.

5. Atmosphere

Keep it chilled, think about who you want to be surrounded with. More people will create more chaos. Keep it calm, keep it collective and that will roll out into the day.

6. Light

Possibly one of the biggest factors in good images, try an and keep as much natural light in the room as possible. Turn off any ‘big’ lights, keep it natural, this will create the best possible images for your day.

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7. Family

Think about when you first want to see you parents and people close to you. It’s one of the most emotional parts of the day. Another reason to think about timings, you don’t want to not be in your dress or suit and having to run out of the door. You want that sentimental moment to happen. Talk about this to everyone, so people are aware they need to be ready and in a certain place and a certain time.

8. Keep the area clean and tidy.

No one wants a half eaten breakfast in you wedding album, keep the space nice and tidy. Maybe it could be an idea to designate someone to help keep on top of things? It won’t take much effort at all but will make a huge impact on your gallery.

9. A Playlist

Get Spotify one the go and put together a couple of playlists, one a little chilled and the other a bit upbeat depending on the atmosphere!

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10. Enjoy it!

The most important, sit back and enjoy it!