17th March 2017




If theres a recognised building on Newcastle & Gateshead Quayside, this is it!

Housed in a former flour mill, situated on the south bank of the River Tyne, the Baltic is recognised as one of the most iconic buildings in the North East. Its a venue thats attracted my attention for sometime, I’d been itching to shoot in here and it didn’t disappoint! The striking building is surrounded by beauty within the city centre with plenty of ‘untraditional’ spots to use (you know me).

Lucy & Pete’s day was a clean, crisp stylish affair. We started in the Malmaison with Lucy and her bridesmaids and then headed over to their home to catch up with Pete & the groomsman. The ceremony then took place in the civic centre but the day came int its own at the Baltic. The decor of the place complimented Lucy & Pete’s style down the a tee.

The reception and meal was held up at SIX, on the very top floor of the building. Natural light flooded in from all angles, what an absolute pleasure to work with! Never have I known a room suit my style of photography so much. After all of the speeches and meals had finished we headed down to the River Terrace. We were literally stood meters from the Tyne on a enjoying a beautiful summers night, whats better than that? The sun cast some beatiful light onto the terrace so we took this time to grab some formals (the informal type but it’s not a wedding without a few). Me, Lucy & Pete headed away for a little time away from the party, time to relax.

As the night went on the evening guests arrived and Bride & Groove provided the music, along with the Festoon lights draped across the ceiling it provided a minimal look but it was more than effective!

Overall great day, I look forward to telling somebody else story at the Baltic soon, thanks for having me guys!

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“They are all amazing, in love with them all, thank you so much!” Lucy

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