3rd June 2020

Planning a wedding from Dubai during a pandemic.

For the next little blog post in the series about the impact coronavirus has had on couples, their wedding plans and the industry, I’ve caught up with LucyAnne & Drew who were due to be married at Wylam Brewery in July.

First off,  can you tell me a little about yourself? How are you feeling and what is your current situation?

My fiance and I live in Dubai, and have been in lockdown for about 3 months on and off.There are no flights going to Newcastle so we have been stuck here. Things are starting to loosen up here a bit now, there is light at the end of the tunnel! 

What was your original wedding date and at which venue? How many guests had you invited?

The original wedding date was Friday 21st August 2020, at Wylam Brewery. The guestlist was at about 160 people. 

When did you start to think you may need to make alternative plans?

 It was around about Easter time, which was when i was meant to be going to Magaluf (classy, I know) for my hen do, but the flights got cancelled. All Emirates flights were then grounded and it was said that there wouldn’t be any Dubai to Newcastle flights until July! 

What was the deciding factor when it came to actually postponing?

The deciding factor was mainly the travel aspect, we just couldn’t guarantee that we could actually get home! Also, we didn’t want to leave the decision too last minute, and result in people having booked hotels and flights that they would then have to cancel, and possibly lose money on. Any of our guests being out of pocket would have been awful. 

What were your priorities when deciding to rearrange your day, who did you speak to first and what kind of response did they have?

 The first person we spoke to was the venue. Wylam were fantastic! They put us to ease straight away and informed us that if we wanted to we could choose to postpone up to a week before the wedding, which was such an amazing gesture! 

How did you find the reaction from your friends and family? How did you let them know?

First steps were getting new dates that were available from the venue for 2021, then relaying them to the vendors and seeing which one was the best fit for everyone! We sent out an email to everyone stating that the wedding was postponed and attached the new save the date. The response that we got from people was one of understanding and support.

How did your vendors handle the situation?

All of the vendors that i had booked were fantastic, so supporting and understanding. My issue is nothing compared to what these guys must be going through with loss of earnings and work etc. 

Are you making any major changes to your plans?

 No, nothing is changing, maybe just make it an even bigger and better party than first planned. I think we will all need it! 

What was the most stressful/difficult part of rearranging? How did you overcome it?

I didn’t really find it stressful. Suppose finding a new date was the most worrying part. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to get something suitable in 2021 and would have to wait till 2022, which would have been disappointing, but we were lucky to get a Saturday in June, 2021. Result! 

How did you or how are you going celebrate your original date?

We haven’t reall thought about it to be honest! Most probably a get together with friends.

What has helped you through this whole situation?

Ultimately the support and understanding from our friends and family has reassured us that even though we have to wait another year for our wedding, it will be worth it and much more of a celebration! Also, knowing that throughout this entire ordeal, there are people who have suffered and lost so much more than a wedding date. We are so lucky that ourselves and our families are healthy and that we have something to look forward to once this is all over! 

Do you have any advice for other couples in a similar situation?

 Stay positive. I know that that can be quite hard to do during these times but we have to. Take solace in knowing that there are other people in exactly the same situation as you, and it could always have been so much worse. Your wedding isn’t cancelled, it is postponed, and it will be mint!