19th July 2020


Introducing the PrimaBook.

A simply incredible price for an incredible product.

I’ll be doing a limited run of PrimaBooks, for 2 weeks I’ll be offering this amazing new product.

The PrimaBook is a completely lay-flat photo album, designed to be a simple and super cost effective solution for your album needs. Printed with digital press technology and covered with the most beautiful soft fabric.

These albums come in one size, 10 by 10 inches (25cm) and with 24 pages (12 spreads) with a soft touch cover with the choice of 10 colour options as shown below.

The silk textured paper with digital print technology provides wonderful colours and additional pages can be added for £5 per page, which is £10 per spread.

Theses albums make for perfect gifts for family members or as keepsakes for yourself and a more affordable price point to my FineArt albums.

The albums are available until 02/08/20 and priced at £195.