5th January 2017



From the moment I received Ellen & James’ initial enquiry I was excited about this wedding.

The new venue had just opened and this was going to be one of the first weddings they would host.

Wylam Brewery had a buzz about it all around Newcastle, something new and exciting right here in the city.

The day kicked off on a late, winter afternoon in September. The Sun was setting just before the ceremony was due to take place, which left a nice glow onto the front of the brewery just as Ellen arrived. The main hall is a stunning room, especially with Vicky from Floral Quarters added touches. The evening light cast nice tones upon the room. Ellen and James wanted low key, documented coverage of the day, capturing peoples emotions and feelings instead of all of the typical of posed shots of weddings, luckily, thats what I do best.

I loved the day from start to finish, the couple, the venue, the styling & the sound track (cracking choice guys). I love a day that I can relate to, I put my all into every part of it. Ellen & James aren’t a couple to do things by halves either, they’ve also just opened Champion Bottles and Taps, so what better place to tie the knot than in a brewery? During the wedding guests were treat to a full tour of the brewery, to see how everything is done on site

Wylam is definitely on the ‘one to watch’ list for wedding venues, an absolute pleasure to look at and the team are great and made Ellen and James day run as smoothly as possible hats off to Colette for the organisation. I look forward to working in here again (you might also find my there on a day off).


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“They’re awesome, You really captured the day and got some really amazing shots. Thank you for everything, it couldn’t have been better!” James A

If you like the look of these and have a similar wedding coming up, or know someone who has, feel free to give me a shout here!


Cracking post! Captured and edited in a really atmospheric way!