11th May 2020

Your wedding & COVID-19

Let’s talk about this

First and foremost, I’m so sorry you are having to go through this on the run up to your wedding, I know first hand wedding planning can be a stressful time without a pandemic. One thing to remember is to stay positive, yes you may have to wait a little longer but your love for each other will always be there, you simply have to wait to make it official a little longer – it will be worth the wait.

I can’t stress enough that my email is always open, especially my couples planning on getting married in 2020.

It is completely understandable that people are feeling worried about this, but in reality you simply need to step back and think what is important during these times. Take in as much information as possible, take your time and don’t make any rash decisions. I’m with you every step of the way on this one, here to help where possible.

If you are in a position where you are certain you would like to move dates, I can’t stress how important it is to keep open channels with all of your vendors. Drop them an email, give them a ring. See what everyone’s position is, ask about postponement procedures and most importantly free dates. The majority of suppliers are self employed or limited companies and are being as accommodating as possible, we’re in this together.

If you are forced to move dates because of the lockdown, have vulnerable guests you would like there or simply would like to for peace of mind then this is my advice:

Get Organised.

Make a spreadsheet of vendors, contact information and touch base, just have a little chat. Ask any questions you might have, what are their contingencies? What happens if they can’t do your new date? Talk about money, no one really like to bring this up but it needs to be spoken about, will your booking fee be transferred? Personally I am transferring all booking fees over to a new date, no questions asked. Some couples are choosing to pay the remaining balance, others are choosing to pay 50% of the remaining balance and deferring the remaining 50% to the new date. This is different for everyone as everyone is in a different position and that’s totally fine.


Speak to your loved ones, the most important part. Are there any vulnerable guests? VIP’s who need to be there? Talk to these about your potential new plans. New dates and any plans you have in place or special requirements.

The important bits.

Sit down with your other half, talk about what is important to you both. Are you happy with a small ceremony, you could always look to have a party later in the year or even on your first anniversary! Would you rather push everything to next year? There is literally no right or wrong in this situation. A list of pro’s and cons wouldn’t go a miss in this situation!


Once the decision is made, confirm this with your suppliers ASAP, bookings towards the end of 2020 and 2021 are to fill fast. Make sure you get written confirmation of changes.

Tell everyone.

Let everyone know! Inform all of your guests of the news, some will be disappointed, some will feel relief for you and everyone will be understanding. Not everyone will be able to make it but they will fully support you. There’s plenty of options for this, do it on social media, pop it in an email or even make some announcement cards the same style as your invites and send them out in the post, a nice little thing for people to open. 


When you original date comes around, celebrate it. Pop open a bottle of bubbly, have a zoom with loved ones. Mock up a ceremony! Don’t feel down about the situation, embrace it.


Most of all, relax. Enjoy this extra time on the run up to your wedding. Enjoy the things that you should have plenty of time to do, the cake tasting, the dress fitting, the finer details!

It’s totally natural to feel anxious, almost a little fearful at all of this and the planning you have put in, that’s totally fine. Don’t be afraid to reach out, we are in this together.